Proactive Acquisitions inc

Who? What? Why?

Proactive Acquisitions Inc. is on a mission to help improve communities and the livelihoods of others. 

We are active Real Estate Investors and work directly with property owners to help them dissolve burdensome properties.   By making offers to purchase, we seek to spark new life and energy into local communities.  If you have a property or a business you would like an offer on, please submit your information on this site or give us a call. 


We strive to give offers and make deals where all parties can win.


In order to reach more people and improve more neighborhoods, we welcome you to learn how to start as a real estate investor.  Regardless of experience, you too can realize the "dream come true" lifestyle of becoming a Real Estate Investor.  Even just a couple deals a year can help change lives.  Imagine doing multiple deals monthly.  You are welcome to learn exactly what we do and how we do it.  We have an Introductory Overview training you can access by clicking "Become A Real Estate Investor" above.

"It's not just about the money, it's about improving our quality of life.  It's about freedom and increasing the amount of time we spend doing what we love with those we care about.  It's about improving neighborhoods and communities" - DC